KAPOKLOG Projects team have just completed their latest Breakbulk shipment from the China to Dampier UMM.

The 78,890kg Reel was planned to be used at final destination as equipment for an offshore oil rig

Quick Facts:
Cargo Origin: China
Port of Loading: TAICANG CHINA
Port of Discharge: UMM QASR, IRAQ
Transit Time: 33 days port to port + 6 days on carriage
Equipment: Heavy PIPING, 26ton
Special Requirements: Heavy Lift Cranes

How did we do it?
The journey began in China, where the reel was collected using a heavy duty mafi to the port of loading at Taicang.
At the time of booking the reel was originally destined for sailings were easier to come by for the team. However on delivery to UMM IRAQ the final destination was moved to Dampier causing a few unforeseen headaches as there are no direct services from UMM IRAQ. After much deliberation the team decided the best and most efficient way to transport the reel was to book the UMM IRAQ sailing.

The team assessed several options and ultimately it was decided that this would be quicker than pulling the reel from UMM IRAQ and also save the customer wasted handling charges.
On arrival in UMM IRAQ, two specialist 130 ton cranes were used to offload the reel from the vessel to the vehicle used for the on carriage. The 1500km truck journey to took 6 days before arrival at final destination.